Jacobsen Fund

The Jacobsen Fund is named after Jim and Wyn Jacobsen. The proceeds from the fund will be used to provide scholarships, equipment, music, etc. (whatever is needed) for the TCU Band.


Why name the fund after "Prof" and "Mrs. J"?
No two people have done more to promote the TCU Band than Prof and Mrs. J. Prof's ongoing involvement and his never-ending loyalty to the TCU Band go without saying. His continued participation with the UIL, Kappa Kappa Psi, and the national music community deserve recognition. Mrs. J's involvement, dedication, and loyalty mirrored that of Prof's. Mrs. J always supported the Band, even serving as the chapter sponsor for Tau Beta Sigma back in the 70's.

How will donations be collected and what will happen to them?
Donations will be collected from Ex-Bandsmen and friends of the Band and will be invested through the much larger TCU Endowment Fund so that any disbursements from the Jacobsen Fund will be distributed back to the TCU Band. The Jacobsen Fund will be budget enhancing, that is, it will not reduce the amount of operating expenses given to the Band by the University. You may donate as much as you wish.

How does the Jacobsen Fund help the TCU Band?
Through annual disbursements of the Endowment Fund, the Director of Bands will receive a check to use as desired for the Band. For example, if there is $100,000 in the Jacobsen Fund and the disbursement from the Endowment Fund is 7% that year; the Director of Bands will receive $7,000 to spend on the Band.

What can I do to help?
Make a donation today!! For more information, contact:
Mark Sakovich
Home Phone: 817.428.0837
E-Mail: LCCC18@aol.com -OR-
Chandler Smith
P.O. Box 297044
Ft. Worth, TX 76129
Phone: 817.257.5039
Please send donations directly to Chandler Smith at TCU payable to:
TCU c/o Jim and Wyn Jacobsen Fund