A listserv facilitates e-mail distribution lists. These mailing lists can focus on 
any type of discussion.   Members of a listserv generally subscribe by sending 
an electronic mail message to a special account name. This is not a "conversation" 
list but a one-way distribution list replacing the old method. Please contact the Webmaster if you would like a message sent out via the TCU Ex-Bandsmen ListServ.


To Subscribe:  to the TCU Ex-Bandsmen ListServ follow these instructions.

Send an e-mail to:
The subject line may be blank, but the the message body should read 
"Sub tcu-ex-bandsmen Firstname Lastname" (your firstname and lastname). 
Example: If your name was Bert Hinkle you would type, 
"Sub tcu-ex-bandsmen Bert Hinkle" (no quotation marks).  

You will receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your subscription in a few minutes. 
Click on the confirmation link and you will be subscribed to the 
TCU Ex-Bandsmen ListServ.


To Unsubscribe:   to the TCU Ex-Bandsmen ListServ follow these instructions.

Write an email to:
The message should read "signoff tcu-ex-bandsmen".